Funds raised support
our local Food Banks and Front-line workers


Virtual Rib 'n' Roll

July 26, 2020

6-9 pm

Food will be delivered between 5:15 and 6:30 pm on Sunday July 26.

Proceeds support Regeneration Outreach Community Food Bank and the purchase of PPEs for our Front-line health care heroes.

Rib ‘n’ Roll goes virtual on July 26

The 20th anniversary of Rotary Rib ‘n’ Roll will be a virtual event celebrated July 26 from 6-9 pm with food and entertainment.

“We think Brampton is ready for some fun and after much thought and deliberation, we think we have found a perfect way out of the doldrums,” says John Sanderson, co-chair of the event for the Rotary Club of Brampton.

Our guests will be able to stay at home, pre-order food online from participating restaurants, including of course, ribs and enjoy a three hour virtual concert with some of their favourite Rib ‘n’ Roll entertainers.

Net proceeds will support our local food banks and front-line workers. There is no cost to watch the event, but we will accept donations on the website because people, who come to the live event, drop some cash to support various Rotary causes and we think this year’s are a good investment

Food comes courtesy of three returning ribbers, Brickyard BBQ, J. Red & Co and RD’s Southern BBQ as well as the Mississauga Convention Center. Orders can be placed online at  by 9 pm Wednesday July 22 and orders will be delivered to our guest’s door. The ribbers have packaged convenient family packs for our customers.

The music, at this point, includes Abba Revisited, Dave Murphy Band, Elton Rohn, Elyse Saunders, Sticks and Tones and Vinyl Countdown, with more to come and will include a mix of live and pre-recorded performances. There will be a live broadcast July 26 starting at 6 pm until 9pm on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

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Plus Marc Joseph Band and Sticks and Tones