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Rotary Rib ‘n’ Roll 2020 cancelled

Club commits funds to help Hospital and Regeneration

Organizers of the The Rotary Club of Brampton’s annual Rib ‘n’ Roll said today this year’s event on May 22, 23, 24 is cancelled due to Covid-19.

“We look forward to bringing you the 20th edition of our signature event in May of 2021,” says Club President David Clement.

Rotary also passed three motions; two will support Brampton Covid-19 initiatives and a third supports Rotary International’s work to fight the virus.

“For the past 19 years, The Rotary Club of Brampton has presented Rib ‘n’ Roll, the first major event of the summer.  More than 20,000 guests enjoy great music and great food every year. A group of wonderful volunteers, who stage this annual festival in Gage Park, have made it possible for the club to contribute a significant amount of money back to the community to help those in need,” says Clement.

“Considering that the crowds that attend the ribfest present a tremendous risk to potentially spreading the virus, we have decided the priority must be the health and safety of our patrons and as such we have no choice but to cancel this year’s festival.”

The club also approved a donation of $50,000 to the William Osler Health Systems to buy PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) and $30,000 to Regeneration Outreach Community to help them provide food to those in need in Brampton.

“Despite the fact we have lost significant revenue from the ribfest, our club has an 80 year history of supporting our community and there has never been more need,” says Clement. “The groups we are supporting have taken leadership roles in this fight and we hope our contributions will help.”

The third grant of $20,000 goes to Rotary International to support their work worldwide. “Our Rotary movement knows quite a bit about tackling worldwide diseases in partnership with the W.H.O. and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the immunization of more than 2.5 billion children against Polio,” said Clement.

The Spring Coin show in May and 80th Anniversary celebration planned for the end of June have also been postponed until it is safe to proceed.